Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Weddingness and Neon Alert!

So recently my bestest uni buddy was made an honest woman and got married. I couldn't be happier for the pair of them, M & C you know I love you guys and you both rock! Plus your wedding was fabbo, I doff my hat to you . xxoo
So off to our hometown of Dubbo we went, and it was a great opportunity to catch up with friends over the long weekend, plus I rarely need an excuse to get all dressed up. The geek and kidlets looked fabbo too.
Having said that, jeez there's nothing like a wedding to send any fashion conscious woman into a tailspin. I'VE GOT NOTHING TO WEAR!!! Or in my circumstance, I'M BORED WITH ALL MY OLD SHIT AND NEED MORE NEW STUFF ASAP!
All I can say is, online shopping you are my friend, and peplum anything, oh how I love how flattering you are to me.
So, bloggy peeps, meet my new friend ASOS. Yes ASOS, you've been around a long time, but it's only now I'm appreciating you. If you love my new friend too, check it out. You could even pick up your own peplum top and pencil skirt combo.
So this is my awesome outfit, plus it includes crafty shit you can get up to this weekend if Forever New didn't totally rip me off, and after a month of spraying a certain chandelier necklace neon yellow they bring out said necklace in you guessed it, neon yellow. Oh well. We all love neon and yes you can borrow my idea too. Better yet, just go to Forever New and buy the damn necklace in yellow.
the necklace that started out pink. I think Forever new must think its funny bringing it out in yellow now after I spray painted it for a month because the paint wouldn't take to the beads.
Look how big my bun is!
Could it get any bigger? And yay, the necklace finally
went yellow.
Necklace - Forvever New,  Neon bangles - Lovisa,
Neon clutch - Colette, Nude heels - Ziera,
Black peplum top and  pencil skirt - ASOS


  1. Love love your outfit!! I am scared but secretly lusting over peplum tops you've convinced me to at least try one on. Thanks for the fashion inspiration!

  2. Looking good, lady! Love the yellow accessories.

    PS: I'd like to invite to join the Bosisto's giveaway at my blog, I have 4 lavender packs up for grabs here:

  3. You look gorgeous!I love the necklace!


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