Monday, 30 April 2012

Strange places

Time seems to be moving so quickly at the moment. Days and weeks are running into each other. I've been finding it hard to cope. So much is happening at the moment, such important life decisions that need be made at the snap of fingers. My blogging break has been partly because of this, as excited as I am, I didn't know what to say, and I'm emotional drained.

Our little family is who has entirely been born and bred in this town since 82' is moving. Not just to a new house but a new state. Just like that, we're deciding which possessions to sell, which are too sentimental to let go and packing up. We have to sell our house too. It's 'the' house. We will never have something like this again.

We've been on our own for almost 6 weeks now, the geek had to start his new job straight away. Being apart is painful. It's a band aid that's being ripped off bit by bit, the waiting kills. I want our new life to start, but I'm left behind in limbo. Both the kids have been right little horrors at times, they miss their dad. Me too. I know it's a temporary thing, but at the moment there's no end in sight.

On top of all this, both kids are going in for surgery soon. I need my own personal ENT the amount of times we've seen him over the last few years! Batman goes in tomorrow, bless his little socks. a happy chappy he will not be.

So there is my disjointed ramblings at the moment. To chop and change one more time, here's an amazing old truck I saw today coming home from Canberra, where our geek is. I took this photo in Cudal of all places. I've driven past this truck at least 15 times now, but today I stopped and took photos of it. Professional or even ameteur photographer I am not, but I love how doing something simple like snapping a few shots on your iPhone can make you feel satisfied and happy. And best of all, I never would have seen this gorgeous old beast if it wasn't for our out of control life at the moment.

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