Wednesday, 25 January 2012

What I learned about kids and holidays

So our family just returned from the not so sunny Queensland, where we spent an amazing week on holiday. Our first 'real' family holiday since Batman came along, I say 'real' because we've been on weekends and mini breaks to different places here and there, but not for more than 4 days. Our last holiday was cancelled because I was too sick with morning sickness (really all day can't lift your head from the pillow horridness), and then we didn't fancy taking a newborn anywhere too far.

Unfortunately when we arrived, rain had officially set in, after 3 weeks of the most glorious sunny weather. So our first 3 days were very wet. Oh, what to do on days like these? We did all the obvious touristy things.We went shopping at huge centres, visited a castle (it was a bit strange, not at all what you would call an authentic experience, but hey the kidlets liked it) and ate lunch at the Ettamogah Pub - the inside of it is scary high...
By Wednesday the rain lifted somewhat, so like a flash, we beached it up, made sand castles, ate fish and chips, chased waves, played on swings and chillaxed. Yep, we were the beach goers the locals smirked at, heading down in crappy overcast weather, but it was still awesome.
With a trip to Movie World and Australia Zoo and our holiday was complete and our wallets empty. The Geek and Sis went on all the rides. I had to be content sitting in the shade, cooling off with a spray bottle fan while Batman slept. Pffft! Next time!
On our last day, we got up early, headed down to Mooloolaba and watched the sun rise. It was slightly overcast, but such a magical morning for our little family.
The air was still and quiet, only the dedicated surfies were there.  Ballerina and Batman ran around what was like our own private beach, collecting sea shells, every now and then coming up for a cuddle. The Sis and I talked for hours, about nothing, and everything. My new camera got a workout, I'm so loving taking photos on it! Even the Geek seemed to be lost in the moment. When our tummies could take no more, we devoured what was surely deep fried french toast (one word: awesome!) and about a million coffees, yum! It really was the best day.
Yesterday I asked the ballerina what was her favourite day on holidays, expecting it to be Movie World. She told me her best day was our last day, when we got up at 4:00am to go to beach, have brekkie and then boogie board the morning away. Sometimes the best things in life, our favourite moments are the simple things. I smiled on the inside. It was my favourite day too.
So what did I learn about kids and holidays?
  1. kids will enjoy the free activity even more than the one where you paid $60 for their entry.
  2. if you are driving to your destination the child will vomit 30 minutes into your 13 hour trip.
  3. smurf figures belong in castles and plastic crowns do make you more awesome.
  4. stairs that are 7 flights up with no backing behind the rise are terrifying.
  5. a wardrobe makes a great hidey hole for a baby bed.
  6. ginger kids can and will get sunburned in the shade, wearing sunscreen and a hat.
  7. appreciate the time you have, these are the times they will remember. 
Big thanks go to our great long time friends Tash and Jase, who having talked up their amazing new coastal lives invited us into their home for the week. We are truly grateful, and very jealous of your new lives! Thanks for your wonderful hospitality, friendship and catch up chats.

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