Tuesday, 3 January 2012

It's beginning to feel very xmassy... well it did.

What a busy time we've had at the Bad Housewife's house recently. The busiest, and happiest, and yummiest and craziest time of the year. I wish had been less busy and made more time to blog before Christmas.

We really do get into the Christmas spirit here. Its all a bit xmassy as it gets jokingly referred to in this house. There's so many things about Christmas that I love. Decorating the house and tree in  twinkly lights, and pretty little ornaments, some that have been passed on from my Nan, to my Mum, and now my sister and I.

Every year we seem to leave the important things like our Christmas pudding and other Xmassy baking till Christmas Eve. The oven is always blazing while we watch the Christmas Carols on tv. Santa's cookies won't make themselves will they?



Afterwards, the most exciting part of the night comes. Writing out letters to Santa, putting out his special treats and taking a photo in front of the tree. In a lot of ways, I think that Christmas Eve is more exciting than Christmas Day.

These things are traditions in our house. They are the things that make Christmas more special to everyone, but especially to the munchkins.
From my heart to yours, I hope your Christmas was a little bit special as well. 

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