Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Trivial Tuesday

Oh my god, what a morning we have had! Definitely was a morning where everything that could go wrong, did.
Ballerina and I butted heads right up until she caught the school bus, about various different issues, from friends of hers that aren't particularly friendly, to not eating her breakfast!
Batman was a sooky lala all morning, crying at the drop of a hat.
We didn't go to the morning tea we were supposed to attend, because the car keys were 50 kilometres away with the Sis, who had borrowed our car yesterday.
Seeking a bit of peace (everything seems better when you are outside) Batman and I set off down the road to the duck pond with our stale bread for the ducks, and cupcakes for us.

Well, in the space of that 5 minute walk, Batman fell asleep! This morning was seriously turning into a big, fat failure! We walked around for about 45 minutes while Batman got some rest and I got some peace. At least we were able to do it in style, though. Can I say just how much I'm loving our new Bee! Best pram ever! I love how zippy it is! How did I not know about the Bee's awesomeness sooner?

Sleeping beauty eventually woke up and was very amused by the ducks and the swans at the pond.
At first he was a little confused about the bread. It wasn't for eating by us? Oh, its for the ducks! One duck was even a little interested in him, mistaking his shoes for bread!

Then we walked home for lunch with Dad, and to pick a horse for the Melbourne Cup. Did you pick a winner? We did. Yay! Go Dunaden! Think we might spend our winnings on Thai takeaway for dinner!

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