Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Something that made me mad

Something happened this week and It really made me angry. Seriously got my goat. I have been going on and on about it to the Geek for the last 2 days, until last night I decided to put my opinion out there. Matthew Newton is a tool. More specifically a blame dodging, woman bashing tool.

yes, yes you are Matthew Newton.
After inflicting injuries on himself and others and damaging property, he admitted himself for treatment and was diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress, OCD and Bipolar Disorder. On Monday night he 'came clean' with his past in an interview with A Current Affair. There's been a huge backlash this week since Matthew Newton's ACA interview. While there was a lot of 'poor me, I was bashing my head against a wall' going on, there didn't seem to be a lot of remorse for his behaviour, or for bashing his previous girlfriends, one of whom he did for 12 months.

And why do I feel so strongly about this, you may ask? Within our circle of friends, we make it no secret that the Geek is also diagnosed with Bipolar. Bipolar 1 to be specific. Its something that has had our family experience many ups, and also many downs. While we're not quite there yet, with the right medications (in our experience, the almost right medications), we experience more ups than downs, and mostly a range of normal. Now this it not to say that there hasn't been deep, dark downs so terrifying I was afraid the Geek might not survive if I turned my back on him for even one minute. Luckily these times have been few and far in between.

Our story of Bipolar Disorder starts 7 years ago. Before the Geek was diagnosed Bipolar, he was unable to sleep, eat or concentrate. He had very defined compulsive habits in regards to cleaning. I thought he had mild autistic tendencies and maybe ADHD. Our GP said he was depressed, and prescribed anti depressants.

We struggled for another 18 months, with the Geek going through what we now know were manic episodes, followed by intense Bipolar depression, where he was suicidal, and thinking he was crazy. He just wanted some peace, and his racing mind to just stop. I just wanted to be able to help. Finally, through the public health system, he was seen by a Psychologist, who diagnosed him as Bipolar 1. Our GP fought this diagnosis the whole way, but eventually prescribed mood stabilising meds, and we saw a little improvement. 

Things seemed to be better right up until when I first discovered I was pregnant with Batman. While we were overjoyed, a few months later the Geek seemed down, sick, lethargic and couldn't get out of bed. Literally for nearly a whole week. We were smack bang in the middle of another Bipolar depression episode. After a lot of  back and forward with his public psychiatrist, the Geek was prescribed new anti -psychotic meds to help change his mood patterns and sedate him at night. And for now, we are back in the good part of the Bipolar cycle, where everything is happy and fun, and as peaceful as it gets.

So what is the point of me delving into the dark moments of my Bipolar experience? Matthew Newton, in one interview, put back Bipolar sufferers public profile by years, with his apparent blame for his actions on Bipolar. The stigma that is attached to mental health and mental disease just got kicked into high gear for people in the general public who are scared of it, and don't know any better. Tsk tsk Matthew Newton. You can be a wife bashing douche without Bipolar. Just the same, you can be like the Geek, and have bipolar disorder and not have a violent bone in your body. How dare you blame your violent past on a disease. Instead, own your actions and your issues with violence, say sorry, educate yourself to be a better person and move on.

One in five Australians experiences a mental illness within a 12-month period. Depression is the fourth most common problem managed in general practice. Mental disorders are the third leading cause of the non-fatal burden of disease and injury in Australia. If you are struggling, or know someone struggling with some type of depression or mood disorder, Beyond Blue, the Black Dog Institute and your GP are great places to start.


  1. Just beautiful Ev :-) so true what you have written.

  2. thanks Shan! I just was so wild watching it, hear about how much he suffered..... what about his victims? a disease doesn't excuse your shitty behaviour! what about people with Bipolar who have to wait on the public health systems for their treatment or lack there of? their level of suffering in far greater.


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