Friday, 25 November 2011

Powering Up

When Batman learns a new skill, it usually happens alongside a whole bunch of new things he can do or gets at the same time. In our house, we call it 'powering up'.

It all started just after Batman's 1st birthday. Simultaneously, he began crawling, said 4 new words (dad, yum, nan, bubba), clapped his hands and got his first 2 teeth. He thought he was pretty damn clever too. Since then, new skills always appear in multiples.

Many times since he turned one I have discussed at length with him as to why he should be walking. After all, his sister was a seasoned professional by 10.5 months. It would be easier on mummy if he could walk, rather then poor mummy have to carry him at the supermarket when she is laden down with bags of food, for him! I do think he may have it figured out though. Why walk when you can be carried? I know what I would choose!

Well. This week at 15 months, Batman has powered up again. He is oh so close to walking. Now he is able to stand on his own, walks with one hand held, and even took 3 steps on his own last week! Holy batballs, Batman!

Also did I mention that this kid is destined to be a rock climber? He might not be able to walk, but he sure can pull his entire body weight up an obstacle half his length. Now I know I can't do that!

Maybe by this time next week Batman will be moving under his own power! Did your kidlets 'power up'? Or did they learn new things one at a time?

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