Sunday, 20 November 2011

Derby Day

Recently the Geek, the Sis, good friends Kylie, Amanda and I went to Derby Day. Ok, I admit it wasn't that recently. Life has gotten away on me and i haven't had time to blog. :(
The Derby Day Picnic Races are one of the events of the year in our local town. No, not much else happens here, if you are asking. But it is one of the top events of our calender at bad housewife's household!
The Geek and I made a pretty spunky race day pair.

Its the one day of the year where streams of people frock up, wear glamourous hats and gloves, dust off the pearls and kick up their heels. Oh yes, it is a spectacle to behold. If you're the judgmental type, (that's what the day is really about, looking others up and down and checking out the fashions) you can even play Bogan Spotto during the day, which does offer a giggle every now and then. All in good fun.
the very glamourous Amanda and I
I even got crafty with my outfit and made my own fascinator. Did a pretty good job too if I do say so myself! It went perfectly with my black ruffle dress, nude pumps, belt and bag.
After all had been said and done, we had a great, child-free day, all together. Races, back to the pub for drinks and 'enlightened' conversation and then dinner out at our favourite restaurant. Oh, such a blissful rarity in this house!
hilarity and glamourousness at the picnic races
This year I gallantly tried week after week to convince my sister to buy a polka dot frock for the races. "Vintage retro chic is in!" I exclaimed. "You have to do the traditional 'black and white' for Derby Day!". All to no avail. She tried on, and purchased a few frocks in the lead up to the day, but none with my so directed polka dots. Then, only days before the event, she relented and purchased 'the one', and borrowed all my rocking patent red accessories to punch it up another notch. I like to think I styled her for the day. She looked pretty good, too. Contact me directly for my services ;)

Steal her look! Exact matches!

Patent red clutch - Olga Berg
Pearls - Diva

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