Saturday, 5 November 2011


We lost our faithful companion of the last 10 years yesterday. When you have a pet, the way they entwine themselves in your families life enriches you for the better. Life is always more fun when you have a smiley dog to share it with. She was such a beautiful, gentle, playful soul.
During her better days. She always happy to be around.
When she was a puppy she had a terrible but funny habit of ripping the crotches out of pants. Then she developed a penchant for stealing clothes from the line to sleep on. More recently she became a Houdini, escaping at every chance to take a stroll around the block, or get out and eat the bread Milko would leave on our doorstep. More than anything else, she just loved coming inside to sit on the couch, watch T.V and steal morsels of food from very obliging, little hands.

Earlier this year she injured herself while playing, and just slowly declined in the last 6 months. The rest is now history.
It was one of the hardest decisions we've ever had to make, but now shes gone to chase birds in the skies. Lots of love to you Delilah. We miss you already. xoxo.

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