Thursday, 6 October 2011

I am in need!

Its been a sad, sad time in the Bad Housewife's house this week. Today saw the departure of two pivotal members of the family. I will miss you, we've had some great times together. You were reliable, you made me look great, I always felt relaxed with you. I'm not ashamed to admit, to begin with we had a love/hate relationship, but once you were used to me and I was used to you, it was a match made in heaven. I was so glad to be able to share your beauty with some of my nearest and dearest. The Sis mourns you too.
Rest in Peace,
Lots of Love,
Evie. xoxo

These trusty companions I speak so highly of are none other than the trusty ballet flats that have been my go to shoes for the last year and a bit. A pair of black satin ballet flats and another pair of silver pointed toe ruffley flats. I'm quite sad about it. Why? You ask? Because as a lady who belongs to a pair of size 11.5 feet, cute and practical shoes are a rarity. As a mum, it is essential that all items that will be worn outside are both cute and practical, so I've been on the hunt for the last 2 months knowing full well these two friends were nearing the end of their natural life.
Well the hunt was by land and by air.. so to speak. The Internet is a big footed ladies friend. At Endless, where shipping to Aus is free and guaranteed to be delivered to your doorstep from the US in 5-7 days, I found these lovelies...
Barefoot Tess "Florence"

But I should make sure they fit my brief. Cute? Check. Practical? Check. Do they go with multiple outfits I own? Check and check! Imagine if I was bumped and oops, they fell into my cart? Oh the horror of it all.... Oh, and these too, because you have to have the matching outfit new, plus I really need a new pair of jeans...
Bling me jeans - City Chic
Gold Heart Necklace - City Chic
Pleat front shirt - Torrid

and of course my ultimate, never leave the house without accessory (which I really do own!) the Nico baby bag - Il Tutto

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