Saturday, 22 October 2011

Colour 101

Most mornings in the bad housewife's abode start like this: be woken up at some god forsaken time, stumble around bleary eyed feeding children, packing lunches, making sure clothes/notes/homework/ballet bags are ready. Get Ballerina out of the door by 7:40 so she doesn't miss her school bus - that is a disaster I'm not willing to repeat! All of this gives me about 2.4 seconds to have a shower and choose my fashionable outfit of choice for the day. Ugh. Lets not even discuss how I might do my hair - dry shampoo and big messy bun piled on top, you are my saviour. More often than not, these means about 10 % of my wardrobe gets worn, I stick to winning combinations of jeans, tunics, dresses, leggings and accessories, all in my favourite, easy peasy colour palette - monochromatic. Slightly edgy (really slightly!) rocker, with big silver necklaces.
The geek and I shocked at my choice of attire no doubt...
Its not that I'm not a fan of colour, just the opposite really. I have the most fabulous pair of hot pink heels that have been languishing unworn for 6  months now, I just can't find the dress to go with them. Usually I stay with what is safe and easy.

This week after reading Fox in Flats colour dare I decided to shake things up and inject some more colour into my wardrobe. I've been thinking about the trend of colour blocking, where you put blocks of solid colour next to others. Its something I really want to try, its such a summery look!
I'm even more inspired now after giving a few colour combos a trial this week, especially kelly green and fuchsia, and cobalt blue with yellow. My students at school gave both looks 2 thumbs up. I was dressed up 'really pretty'. The pink shoes were a big hit too.
My favourite online find for the week was The Resin Room. My god not only is Katie, the resin extraordinaire lovely, but she makes the most divinely coloured pieces. I'm thinking a bright yellow bangle, necklace and ring is going to be be amazing for summer time. All I can say is watch out Visa card, cha-ching!

I hope you splash around with colour a bit more too!

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  1. Lovely colour combos! Thanks for joining in the dare x Andrea


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