Thursday, 29 September 2011

A really good day!

Thank god it's that time (again)..... holidays! Every 10 weeks I thank all the gods and patron saints that are associated with my chosen profession for the gift of holidays at the end of each term. Not sure how I'd survive physically and mentally without them!
This term has been INSANE. Certifiably. Barely time to exhale, smell the roses, or take a break and eat a kit kat. A quote popped up today in my diary which said "Stress is nothing more than a socially acceptable form of mental illness". Tell it, brother! Richard Carlson, all purpose smart guy who said this and who wrote "Don't sweat the small stuff", which I think must surely must be the the Holy Grail of self help books. It was obviously loved by my Year 12 Biology teacher, judging by Miss R's regular quoting of his uplifting tidbits from  to our class during HSC time. Still laugh about those times, Miss Rheinburger!

Anyways, being in need of rest and relaxation and something fun, all the whilst having to appeal to my frugal side, Ballerina, Batman, the sis and I went out to enjoy a big day.
First on our list, joined by about a million pensioner's was lunch at the local RSL bistro, the awesome roast of the day - $7 thank you very much!

The mini fashionista at lunch.
We followed up our glorious 5 star meal with our household's regular, holidays only tradition: cheap arse Tuesday matinee!  Curiosity, borne from a childhood obsession with the show took us to the showing of The Smurfs. I can still hear their saccharine singing. Lalalalalalala. Lalalalalalalalalalala! The movie was just as Smurffie (Smurffy? Smurfie? Not sure...) as I expected. Ballerina found it quite amusing. She has always enjoyed going to the movies. She sits there entranced, barely moving a muscle. It was the second time Batman has been to the movies. I'm glad it had quite a loud soundtrack, for all the clapping and squealing and jib jabbering he was doing!

Batman in a rare moment of silence at 'The Smurfs'
He too sat entranced in his seat, for 45 minutes anyway, before crawling up onto my lap and going right to sleep until 15 minutes before the end of the movie. Good boy! You can come again!

After this we indulged in copious amounts of window shopping. Oh so glorious! What gems we found! My personal fave find was the guide for married life, 'The art of being a well dressed wife', by Ann Foggarty .

This book is gold. Read with a grain of salt and a few giggles, it offers some useful, if not laugh - inducing advice, such as:

When you can’t find a thing to wear
If your clothes and accessories are pared down and organised, finding something suitable to wear for any occasion should be less of a problem. From my own experience, a low ebb of energy can also lead to a sudden feeling of despair when I open the wardrobe door. When this happens, I try to forget about what I’m going to wear for a few minutes and lie down with my feet elevated. Five minutes ‘on the flat’ is the best restorative I know of, along with a square of chocolate or a sweet drink for a quick pick-me-up to start the vital juices flowing and make decisions that much easier.

Hahahahaha! So true, but so funny. It's quite inspired considering it was penned in 1954!
We found a few other literary gems, too.

Oh, and how cool are these bookends we found! Ballerina has put them on her 'must have' list!

Late in the afternoon we powered up with sinfully awesome pastries of death, aka chocolate eclairs (bugger the diet!) and hot chocolates. It was a chocolatey overdose, totally worthy of the death of the diet!
I just gained 5 kilos...
We also admired some seriously happy looking nearby flower stands. Bright flowers always speak happiness to me. Batman too. Sigh. It was a really good day!

a flower's happiness is infectious!
What have you been doing in the school holidays?



  1. OMG, Look at Batman's HAIR! where did that all come from? he has left Miss A in his dust!

  2. yes it almost sprouted overnight! Looks straight at the front, but might be very curly soon, if the back is anything to go by!


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