Saturday, 17 September 2011

Disco fever!

Ballerina finally got to have her 9th birthday party today! A disco with awesome party lights, glow sticks, pinatas and games! And my goodness what a production it has been, getting the food and the house ready for today!
Big thanks go to the Sis for helping get things under control and making up a rocking play list on her iPhone for us to use! Party rockin in the houuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuse tonighttttttttttttttttttttt!

By 5 o'clock, there was chips, popcorn, jelly parfaits, lolly's, mini pies, mini hotdogs, sweets and soda stream (great for saving money with kids parties and home use too!) ready to be devoured by 15 tweens. The Matroyshka sponge cake had almost literally just been finished (cut it a bit fine time management wise), note to self, its best not to go out the night before your child's birthday party with work friends for drinks. Time moves too quickly the next day otherwise. Also the squealing does a sore head in!

Well, the disco went off! My god the music was soooo loud! And the disco lights I hired made the cherubs go a little nutty. But whats one night of squealing and hilarity till the next year?
The cleverly disguised garage came up great with hanging stars from the ceiling and the bunting I found last month at Ruffled, which is now taking pride of place in Ballerina's room, hanging from her window.

Here's some pics I took tonight! My head is getting sooo big with all these awesome (if I do say myself) things I've organised recently! What am I going to do until next Birthday Season? I'm going to be so creatively pent up, I might explode!!!


Until next time, stay classy, San Diego!

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