Saturday, 10 September 2011

29 candles for the Geek

It's the last of the birthdays in our immediate family's birthday season! Praise the Lord-a! Today, Computer Geek turned the ripe old age of 29! 1 more year of the terrific 20's... Sigh.

Luckily, Computer geek was lavished an amazing breakfast that I, yes, I created this morning, while the geek lazed in bed (might I add)! Eggs Benedict on toasted bagels with smoked salmon, and pork chipolatas and mushrooms on the side. Geek's favourite brekkie. What a good wife I am! Unfortunately I didn't get a photo, the feast was hoovered before I could even think about whipping the camera out. But I must admit, my Nigella skills are getting so much better! I was very happy with today's culinary adventures!
Geek was surprised with a few presents today too. As you can see, you was very impressed with them!

"What is this?" 'The sis' gave him a live present... One of the kittens our Birman cat had recently. Lol!

He also was lucky enough to get a brand spanking new PS3! Now our house buzzes along with gaming machines, computers and all other geeky paraphernalia. I hope it doesn't become a beacon for nerdy activity in the area! ATTENTION ALL NERDS! THIS IS NOT YOUR SAFE HOUSE!

Later on we all treated Geek out to dinner and cake. He's had a great day. Now we're finishing the night off by having a few quiet drinks and watching a few episodes of Big Bang Theory wirelessly from the new PS3. OMG! Perhaps this nerdy behaviour is catching!

And just because. These are the super hawt shoes the Sis wore out to dinner tonight.
Wolf Whistles!

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