Sunday, 28 August 2011

Nigella is Awesome and Cute!

Ah Book Parade Week. You strike fear and glee almost simultaneously into the hearts of parents and children alike. Much money is no doubt spent on costumes every year, trying to one up last years look. And then there is the showmanship of the day itself. Will creativity every win over money? Probably not, but this year, we're going to have a go!

Well. Book Week fever has taken place in our home over the last few weeks, and my strange child, the Ballerina was trying to come up with a character for Aunty B, aka 'the sis' who is a school teacher, to go as for her Book Fair Parade at the end of the week. Many things were suggested, right up until Ballerina pipes up:

"What about Nigella Lawson?"

Now Nigella has some big fans in this household. Namely one Computer Geek. But it's not like we watch her show religiously, so to say I was surprised at this suggestion was an understatement. However, I thought at least there most likely won't be any other Nigella's, unlike last year when she dressed up as Dorothy, and so were many other little girls.  Here's our cute Dorothy from last year.

Plus I figured it was going to be cheaper than buying a costume. We could just use clothes from home! Anyways, my sister thought about it, then said she was going up to dress up as Hermione from Harry Potter. Ballerina decides promptly on the spot that she, instead will dress up as Nigella for her Book Parade 3 weeks away. Of course a cookbook is just as a legitimate text as a novel! Ah the fun begins! We decided on making an apron out of some cute shabby chic material, wearing her fluffy angora cardie and a floral skirt, and some big bouncy curls would do the trick. And of course our copy of 'How to be a Domestic Goddess'!

Well just before the sis' big day, she revoked her decision and settled on Nigella too! So we made 2 aprons. Luckily they turned out pretty fab, even if I do say so myself. Good team work between me and the sis!
Here they both are during their turns as Nigella:


And both Nigella's looked just fab on the day! I'm not at all biased!

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