Sunday, 7 August 2011

Slowly going mad

So much (and not much) has happened since I last blogged! My sis and I were lucky enough to have an afternoon of pampering with facials, micro dermabrasion and beautiful make up a couple of weeks ago.
The same afternoon, Computer Geek took the Ballerina and Batman to one of those indoor play centres. I was all for it, 'Go and let them play, have a coffee!' I encouraged Computer Geek. He did not want to go.
Well. I have since learned. BIG MISTAKE!!!

Turns out those lovely places that seem awesome are in fact terrible!!! Not more than 8 hours after returning home did the horror begin. Turns out you can bring home more than intended from such child ridden places... Way too many bodily functions from nearly every person in this house! Slowly but surely we all, except Batman were struck down. I have since found it hard to get back into normalcy. Topped off with the 'great' idea I had to take on a few more days at work. Sigh...

Today is miserable, cold DVD under your doona watching weather. It just began raining. No c25k for me today. We have all been slowly going mad. I am glad I sucked it up and took them outside earlier, in their 10 000 000 layers.

Can you see how Batman is just having THE best time? Apparently bouncing on the trampoline is just so passe.

This week is going to be so fun and busy! Tuesday is the Ballerina's 9th birthday. On Friday its mine and my sis' 29th. We are so old! Can't wait till the weekend, we are having a combined birthday lunch and playing lawn bowls with the close family.

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