Monday, 8 August 2011

Feeling the burn!

On the weekend, the Computer Geek was 'lucky' enough to experience a 90 minute training session with Steve Willis aka "The Commando".

In all my life I have not seen so many fit people collapse in a heap and vomit their guts up. What an intense day.  If someone stuffed up (most likely from exhaustion), everyone had to do another set of push ups! Some poor chaps could barely even hold themselves up! Commando is THE hard task master! Remind me never to do boot camp! After this, I think I'm happy to slog out with my c25k, thank you very much!

Anyways, poor old geek is still sore today. We need to take up shares in Deep Heat.
As you can see, the day wasn't a complete waste for me either... I was lucky enough to get a cuddle with the super duper hot Commando! He seemed like a really, really nice guy too!



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