Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Birthday Season

OMG! Seriously, OH EM GEE! That time of year has begun! Its birthday season! The quickest paced annual event in our household. The ballerina, the sis and I had our birthdays recently. 3 birthdays in 3 days! We decided to shake things up this year, and instead of having family and friends out to dinner, where children go nuts after a while (because they only have a certain level of stay quiet time), we, well I, had the super mega brilliant idea of going down to our local lawn bowls club the afternoon, and what an afternoon it was!
We had such a fun day celebrating with family and friends playing lawn bowls and a BBQ. Sun, food, a few alcoholic beverages, it was a great day! Ooooooh and we had 2 cakes! One sponge with jam and cream and one black forest! Drooooool!
The Computer Geek looked after the three of us all day, getting our drinks and cooking the BBQ, and Batman put his new crawling skills to good use.

The Ballerina had a beautiful time running around with her cousins, playing a few games with Grandma and Grandpa. She looked so trendy in her new dress, cropped denim jacket, scarf and boots (birthday present from Aunty B, aka 'the sis'). I was informed that her new dress looks like something Rachel from Glee (The Ballerina's favourite show) would wear. She's having her own party with friends in couple of weeks, a super cool disco, with disco lights and everything. I have been handed a list of acceptable songs...

Anyways I'm pretty sure I won the game between the sis and I, regardless of what she says, although after a few drinks it was hard to keep score... Here's a few pics from our awesome day.

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