Monday, 29 August 2011

Batman's Birthday

Happy Birthday day to you! Happy Birthday to you! Happy birthday dear Batman, Happy Birthday to you!
Batman, this amazing litle miracle that just suddenly showed up into our lives when we had almost lost all hope (but that is a story for later) turned 1 last week. We had the most lovely day together just as a family. On Saturday we took to our local Zoo for possibly the most beautiful party I have seen, this past weekend! Batman looked so grown up in his new threads, and the impulse buy, that oh so cute panama hat! Most importantly he had a beautiful day!

So. The big day. I had a plan of attack when it came to the cake, decorations and food. Everything was designed with a blue and red theme, in line with his extremely cute room! I googled, made lists, dreamt and breathed this party for weeks! I am so glad with how the entire day turned out! I'm secretly considering a change of career into party planning. I enjoyed the preparation so much! 

The piece de resistance had to be the cakes! Especially the giant rainbow cupcake! I had considered this cake, but talked myself out of it in the end (why? not sure).  For a half-arsed domestic goddess, they turned out so good. Mystical baking gods, I thank you for this. You made my day complete. I forgive you for all the sacrificed foods I've made over the years that were burned, tasteless, or worse, tasted ridiculously bad!

Oh, and how cute is that bunting! I love how his bunting the sis and I made is now a keepsake for him for years to come. It looks just as smart in his room! I did try to find a printable version, but could only find this one (albeit in the most lovely girly colours! The ballerina is getting one!) at Ruffled, so it had to be hand cut and pieced together. Not too bad, even if I do say so myself! Hi five, sis!

My gorgeous friend Kychan (4th photo, on the left) took these amazing photos! Yes Kychan, you're now famous on my blog! I take my hat off to you! Thank you for these amazing memories!
Most importantly, thankyou to all my precious family and friends who came! I hope you know how much it meant to us. xoxo


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