Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Run for Your Lives

This can mean only 1 thing... I have begun 'Couch to 5 k' this week. Ouch! I hurt in places that I didn't know could hurt! Especially in the muscle along the front of my shins.... Deep Heat you are my friend xo.
That's right! My pretty pink runners and I have started running this week... I might take them back to Athletes Foot though, they're not doing a very good job!

For the uninitiated, it's a little app you can download to your iPhone or other smart device that takes your untoned flabby body off the couch and in just 9 weeks you're able to run 5 km! It plays in the background until the right time, and then in its non-threatening voice it exclaims 'now run', 'now walk', and you carry on like this for longer periods for 30 minutes.

Well i started off running during the running intervals, but eventually these became more like a fast walk. I was super glad to be able to lean on the pram during my 'running', I might have fallen over otherwise!
By the time my 30 minutes was up and my app instructed me it was time to cool down I was nearly dying... It was time to take my bone tired body back home.

11 month old Batman just loved going for a run in the pram. He had so much fun. Even had the bonus of a morning sleep! Me? Not so much! Worlds of pain were experienced! But i will continue on. With this and my food tracking app, I'm hoping to look like a really, really ridiculously good looking version of myself by summer! My first goal is to lose 13 kg.

I'm not sure if I'll be running 5km in 9 weeks, it might take my overweight and supremely unfit self more time, but I'm going to keep powering on. Luckily, you can repeat the week if you aren't ready to move on.
Anyone have some super dooper awesome running tips?

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