Monday, 18 July 2011

Frozen Assets

Well I've never hid the fact the Computer Geek and I are bad with money. Hideously. Money and us sucks. It's like I'm the Global Financial Crisis, watch out bank account!
Well in the last two weeks I decided that this was the year! The year we're going to reduce our debt, and then we can reward ourselves with the tropical holiday we've been dreaming of..... As of today, we're a couple of steps closer to the sandcastles and banana lounges.
This was my first step.....

That's all of our cards, debit cards, credit cards, store cards, frozen in 3 litres of water. We're going back to the stone age here, hiding our money under the mattress... We just add it up on our abacus... Not really. But now its not as easy to access.....
The second step was today, when we went to see a lovely chap called Phil, who's going to teach us how to be less stupid when it comes to money. I imagine Phil slapping our hands and saying things like "No! Do not spend money on stupid crap!", "No! Do not buy a pair of jeans" and "No! No more effing online shopping!". And Phil's going to organise life/income insurance for Computer geek just in case i get bored with him! ;)
Now we have boring stuff to do like talk to the bank, etc.... But it feels like a step in the right direction.

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