Sunday, 17 July 2011

Anti Domestic Goddess

Domestic goddess. Tsk tsk tsk, Nigella Lawson you have a lot to answer for. Ever since you first sashayed onto screens worldwide wearing your luxuriously soft cashmere twin-sets and sexy bed hair, all the while devouring those delicious homemade delights, women worldwide have been tuning in to their own domestic goddess inside.
I'm kind of like the anti domestic goddess. I can cook, but it usually comes from a sachet. Very rarely do I make something from scratch. I mend hems with iron on tape, even though I can sew. I cook in my trackie daks (we're not that glamourous here)! I'm a product of an overly busy, need to do this quick environment.
But, last week I attempted to bake a Donna Hay carrot cake, from scratch. Twice! I think I'm entering a new level of stay-at-home mumism.
Well, both times they came out ok, I think I need to have a 3rd go to perfect... Anyways here it is:

But then the computer geek (husband) made Betty Crocker choc choc chip scones this arvo.... They look just as good, god bless you packet cake gods all over the world!

I digress. I'm going to see Harry Potter in 3D tonight, so I better dash.

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  1. I found this blog post when I was googling whether 'anti domestic' was a real word, haha! I was blogging about my own failings as a domestic goddess over at my blog Great blog!


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